Land Titles

Current Title

A current title search identifies the current owner of a property and will show all outstanding interests in the land. These interests can be anything from mortgages, caveats, builders liens or city easements.

In order to obtain a title, we will require the legal land description which consists of a plan, block and lot. We can also obtain the title through the LINC number, title number, or the meridian, range, township, section and quarter. If none of the above is available to you, we can obtain them at an additional cost. We will need the municipal address to access it.

Once we have the land description, the title is printed immediately.

Copy of Document

Depending on the date that the document was registered, a copy of the document may be produced in two ways. We will require the document number to process the service. If the document was registered with land titles before 1973, a request will have to be filed with land titles to obtain a copy. This service is not done immediately. If the document was registered with land titles after 1973, the copy of document may be printed on the spot.

Historical Title

If you want to know who owned the property before the current owners, you can request an historical search from the registry office. Several types of information may be required to locate an historical title such as reference title numbers, owner's name, and legal description. Some historical titles are available on the Alberta Land Titles Automation (ALTA) system while some are on microfilm, or microfiche, depending on when the titles were cancelled.

Changes to Land Titles

If you require any changes to be made to your land title such as change of owner or removal of mortgage, they must be made in person at the Calgary Land Titles office. The Calgary Land Titles office is located at 710 - 4th Ave. SW, Calgary, AB on the second floor.