Vehicle Registration Renewal (Register)

If your car was last registered in Alberta, you can renew it. When you come in to renew your registration you will be asked for Proof of Insurance (Insurance has to be valid). If your car is currently insured your “pink slip” will do. If you do not have your pink slip with you your insurance agent, you can Fax over a copy to 780.417.7309 or email to info@registryonwye.com

Effective April 2016, Alberta Registries will no longer mail out Vehicle Registration Renewal Reminders. Driving a vehicle with an expired Vehicle Registration could result in a fine. Register for e-reminder and you will never forget.

  • When you come to Registry On Wye to renew your vehicle, we will require your valid insurance (pink card) and your old registration (if available).
  • If the registration has been expired more than 1 year, additional documentation may be required
  • Vehicle registrations expire on an assigned month based on your last name or company name. Please check the renewal month section of this site for a chart showing expiry months.