Motorcycle and Off Highway Vehicle Registration

Registration is required in Alberta if you recently bought a new or used vehicle and it will be operated or parked on public property. The registration fee includes licence plates and registration stickers.

How do you register your Motorcyle and Off Highway Vehicle?

Bill of Sale or Lease agreement

  • If it is brand new a NVIS will be required
  • If it was last registered out of province, an out of province inspection is required. Please see our section on out of province and out of country vehicles
  • If it is written off or salvaged, a salvage vehicle inspection is required


  • Proof of Insurance (Insurance has to be valid). If you do not have your pink slip with you, your insurance agent can Fax over a copy to (780) 417-7309 or email to

Letter of Authorization

  • If the person who is listed on the bill of sale is not present to register the vehicle
If the vehicle is coming from out of country, the vehicle import form 1 and certificate of origin is required