Write-Off/Salvage Inspection Form

A Salvage or Write-Off Inspection is done on a Vehicle that has been declared as a Write-Off (i.e.: the cost to fix the damage is more than the vehicle is worth), but has now been repaired and is potentially safe and eligible to be considered road-worthy

This is a multi-step process:

  • Come into Registry On Wye to purchase a Salvage/write-off Inspection Request Form (see below) which you will take to a qualified inspection facility.
  • If the car meets the provincial government standards, you will receive an Inspection Certificate.
  • Bring the inspection certificate back into the Registry On Wye.
  • Once the certificate is entered into the system the vehicle is eligible to be registered as a rebuilt vehicle.

PLEASE NOTE: Once your Salvage Inspection is completed you only have 14 calendar days to bring the Inspection Certificate back to a Registry Office to have the vehicle certification entered into the system. This must be done whether the vehicle is being registered or not.

How Do You Get a Salvage Inspection?

Please provide the following: VIN Information:

  • If you have an AMVIC licence you only need to provide the number and the VIN number of the vehicle
  • If it is Out-Of-Province Salvage/Write-Off

Please provide the following:

  • Proof of Ownership (Bill Of Sale or previous registration)
  • Identification (Drivers Licence)