Prorate Services & Fleet Services

Alberta Transportation provides registration information for commercial carriers that are based in Alberta and travel out-of-province. Rather than obtaining and paying for more plates and registration in each jurisdiction, prorated fees are calculated by the percentage of total distance travelled within each jurisdiction.

For more information on Prorate and forms to apply please visit:

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Fleet Registration

In order to qualify for Fleet Registration, you must have 10 or more commercially registered vehicles.

Benefits of the Fleet Program
  • You choose the expiry month of your registration, it can expire in March, June, September or December. If you so choose you can register for 3, 6, 9,12, or 15 months depending on which month you choose for expiry. You can change the expiry month at any time.

  • The Black Fleet stickers and registration cards are continuous. This means that if your sticker and registration cards are in good shape you do not need to get a new sticker or registration card. Once you renew the plates, you don’t have to chase your units around trying to get a new sticker on the plate and new registration in the vehicle, it is already done for you.

  • You receive a Fleet list mailed to you about a month prior to your expiry date. This list shows plate number, unit number, class and type of operation, year, make, model and serial number and the government cost of the renewal for up to a max of 15 months. In this package you can add, remove and modify vehicles that are in your fleet.

  • Any time you purchase a vehicle; this will be added to the current fleet renewal year, as long as it is 3 or more months away.

For more information, contact us at or call 780-417-7300