Legal Name Change

To legally change a name, the completion of a change of name form is required. Depending on the circumstances, presentation of identification, fingerprints, court orders, dispensations, statutory declarations, proof of marital status, custody orders may be required.

To process a legal change of name, an individual may:

  • complete the forms themselves
  • seek legal council to assist them with the form requirements
  • contact a registry agent and have a clerk assist them with the forms

In all cases the final approval, processing and production of the "original" legal change of name certificate is done by the Vital Statistics office.

All legal change of name forms may be obtained from us.

Once the legal change of name has been completed and is registered with Vital Statistics, a change of name certificate is issued to you. Additional certificates can be purchased through us.

When a married woman wishes to use her married surname, which is her husband's surname, a legal change of name is not required.

For information or clarification on the legal change of name registration process, please contact us.